NEW YORK: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s founder chairman Imran Khan’s aide and focal person in the US has warned Pakistani media and journalists against what he called propaganda and baseless allegations against Atif Khan and him.

Imran’s focal person, Sajjad Burki addressed a press conference on March 19, a day before the Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu’s appearance before a US Congress committee, and warned journalists of legal action. He, however, did not elaborate on whether the legal action would be taken in the US or Pakistan.

According to a video of the press conference, Burki said that there would be more hearings at the US Congress and Senate level after Donald Lu’s appearance before the committee.

Burki played a pivotal role in holding hearing of the sub-committee of the US Congress where Donald Lu recorded his statement and answered questions from the Congressmen. He was seen sitting with the persons who were making noise during the sub-committee’s hearing.